Death, taxes, and menopause are unavoidable facts of life. Love, Sweat & Tears is a groundbreaking, inspiring, and humorous look at a long-taboo subject that will impact both women and men during their lifetimes. Filled with humor, insight, and important medical information, Love, Sweat & Tears follows Dr. Pamela Dee Gaudry, “America’s Menopause Romance Doctor,” as she guides women through the isolation, fear, and confusion of this phase of life to become happier and healthier.

This essential documentary includes interviews with renowned medical experts, comedians like Joan Rivers in her last screen appearance, and spiritual leaders such as Dr. Michael Beckwith. On a mission to de-stigmatize menopause, Dr. Pam takes a sex-positive approach, encouraging women to keep romance alive and enjoy intimacy long after the flow is gone.

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Dr. Pamela Dee Gaudry

Joan Rivers
Jenny McCarthy
Craig Shoemaker
Lynne Koplitz
Michael Bernard Beckwith

Directed by Scott Jacobs
2017 | 82 minutes | Documentary | In English

Official Selection & Winner, Conscious Visionary Award –­ Illuminate Film Festival

Love, Sweat & Tears is an unconventional, myth-busting look at what menopause is all about, why it’s been a long taboo subject, and how to reignite and sustain your sex life later in life.

Dr. Pam travels across the country interviewing renowned medical experts, sex therapists, spiritual leaders, notable women like Joan Rivers, Lynn Koplitz, and Jenny McCarthy, as well as everyday men, women, and couples. Their non-clinical conversations are informative and often hysterical as they discuss medical facts, sex toys, how sexual health impacts overall health, and all things “down there.”

“I didn't know I was going through menopause until I realized I was holding an egg and had hard boiled it in my hand! God is definitely a man because no woman would do this to another woman.” —Joan Rivers

There are 60 million women in menopause today, and every year 2 million women are added to that number in the U.S. alone. Seventy-five percent of women will suffer from the side effects, many severely. Girls are taught about and prepared for menstruation, yet the natural biological transition of menopause is shunned, brushed under the rug, and attached with a terrible stigma that leaves both women and men at a loss and suffering.

For women, the experience is...
“He doesn’t understand this has nothing to do with not loving him—it just hurts.” “I’m constantly worried, have panic attacks for no reason, and everything makes me anxious.” “I cry all the time and feel like I’m losing my mind.”

And for men it’s...
“I just don’t understand my wife anymore. She says sex isn’t important.” “I’m worried about my mom—she’s sad all the time.” “Something has changed.”

Menopause is an indisputable certainty of life, yet 80% of the medical and residency programs in the U.S. and Canada don't have a menopause education program.

Dr. Pam is on a mission to change this, to bring menopause into the mainstream and help women and men understand that the stigma of the old, menopausal woman is a thing of the past. The third act of life can be filled with freedom and vitality with a paradigm shift in how menopause is approached.